From painting to remodeling: If you’ve tried to get a quote recently to have work done to your home, chances are you have discovered that contractors are busy and in high demand.

Unfortunately, the busy season is a perfect opportunity for scam artists to swoop in and con you.

“More and more people are needing things done to their home or wanting to spruce up their home, so, these are in high demand. And while many of the contractors that you come across are reputable businesses, there are some scammers that are out there,” said Laura Blankenship, director of marketing for the Better Business Bureau of Detroit and eastern Michigan. “It typically does get worse in the summer.”

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Blankenship said a huge red flag is a price quote that is just too good to be true.

“Some people may be looking for a great deal, and that’s what scammers offer,” Blankenship said. “They offer a great deal, they offer to do the work right away and they get cash up front — and those are huge red flags because a lot of the time, whenever the homeowner pays the money, especially if it’s something that happened door-to-door, they never see the person again or they only get a portion of the work done.”

There are legitimate businesses that do solicit their services by going door-to-door — but the BBB says to do your research before hiring anyone to do work for your home.

“High pressure sales tactics is another thing…

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