FAIRFIELD, CT — State and local health officials are warning residents about a possible scam involving false claims of coronavirus exposure in Fairfield.

The Fairfield Health Department recently received 12 calls from Connecticut residents, who said they were instructed to contact the department about a COVID-19 exposure that occurred Nov. 2-3, according to a news release from the state Department of Public Health. None of the callers lived in Fairfield or had spent any time there, but all had been contacted via the phone number 800-319-7802 and told they were exposed to the virus and should call the Fairfield department to complete their contact tracing.

“The phone number does not accept incoming calls and an internet search indicates that this number has been associated with similar notifications/scams in the past,” the news release said.

No personal information was requested and the source of the calls cannot be traced, according to the news release. Fairfield police said Monday they were unfamiliar with the scam.

“We cannot think of anything that someone is gaining from this,” Mary Cannon, special projects coordinator for the Fairfield Health Department, said in an email. “It’s all just a bit suspicious.”

Contact tracers never share personal or medical information without permission outside of contact tracing work, nor do they ask for a Social Security number, immigration status, credit card or bank information, or payment, the news release said. Emails and text…

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