In the “connected” world, with technology being a huge part of every aspect of the day-to-day and each component digitized, it’s no wonder many investors choose to make their investments online. Self-directed IRAs backed by precious metals can prove a bit risky in the online platform, however.

That’s unless you’ve found a dedicated, trusted, and reliable provider like Lear capital, check their information with for added security. Sourcing physical commodities with an unverified third party puts you in a situation for purchasing counterfeit assets or coins with fabricated purity.

Reputable dealers like Lear Capital will offer legitimate commodities making sure IRS codes are met, and storage occurs in an IRS-approved depository pending payment from an authorized custodian to whom the investor submits funds.

Physical gold, silver, or another precious metal are rare commodities to include in a retirement portfolio. Given industrial practicality, these make coveted options (especially gold and silver) considering the capacity for preserving wealth.

Included, albeit conservatively, the commodity helps to insulate a retirement portfolio from tumultuous markets and economic strife, helping to buffer holdings against inflation and volatility.

The not-so-attractive component of a precious metal investment is the fact it idly hangs out in storage, not generating interest or dividends for the investor. The investment has its place…

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