Farmington resident Peter Lichtenberg received an Exemplary Service Award “for his years of extraordinary contributions to aging services in Michigan.”


FARMINGTON — During a Michigan Commission on Services to the Aging meeting this past June, Farmington resident Peter Lichtenberg learned some news that he said came as a “total shock” to him.

Lichtenberg was appointed to the commission by former governor Rick Snyder.

He said he served six years on the commission, but decided not to reapply due to a role he is set to take on this January as the president of the Gerontological Society of America.

At the last virtual meeting he was a part of for the Michigan Commission on Services to the Aging in June, Lichtenberg was informed that he was the recipient of an Exemplary Service Award for his contributions to aging services in Michigan.

“It was so touching,” he said. “I became a little bit tearful. … I totally did not expect it. When people think that what you’ve done means something, it’s very meaningful.”

Aside from his role as the director of the Institute of Gerontology at Wayne State University, Lichtenberg said he also trains doctoral students “in my area…

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