Scammers are looking to trick people that received a stipend from the IRS due to the Child Tax Credit.

TEXAS, USA — The FBI is warning people that are eligible for the Child Tax Credit to watch out for scammers and fraudsters.

Most families that qualify for the tax credit will automatically receive the funds because of previously filed taxes, so there is no need to sign up.

“I really want to stress that this Child Tax Credit program that the administration has set up through the IRS is an automatic enrollment, no one can help you enroll in this program,” said Special Agent Jeanette Harper, the Public Affairs Officer for the El Paso Division.

The IRS will never threaten or extort you for money. They will also not cold call you, text you, or send you a message on social media. 

Watch out for calls from numbers you don’t know, links that aren’t familiar and spoofed government websites, and never give your personal information out as it could be used to steal your identity.

“They’re going to go into your bank accounts and withdraw money instead of putting money in or they’re going to take your…

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