With people forced to stay at home due to virus-related restrictions, the superspreader gave life to online businesses and along with them came the scams.

The Express Tribune learned from Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) sources, that under the guise of advance payments, sums are received from naive people on social media through Easypaisa, the mobile payment application, and after that either the goods do not arrive and even if they do, the quality is very low.

When the customers who were wronged, contact the sellers they are met with unattended calls or blocked numbers. In Lahore alone, the FIA Cyber Crime Lahore Circle has registered a total of 1,363 cases of financial fraud in 2021 so far – an uptick from the 1,203 reported cases in the previous year.

Amongst those seeking remedy for fraud, is Shazia, a resident of Punjab’s capital. Shazia was taken aback by the clothes she saw on her social media and placed an order for them. “After I had paid the courier for the clothes, I opened the package and what I had seen online and what I received were two different things,” she said. Shazia tried contacting the customer service numbers that had been provided to return the clothes she had received but to no avail.

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Mohammad Adnan, also a resident of Lahore, fell prey to a different kind of scam than the false advertising one Shazia fell to. Adnan saw a job posting while scrolling through…

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