Haroon Reshi

 With increasing cases of cyber frauds, smartphone users should become smarter to defeat fraudsters

Cyber fraud —an offshoot of internet technology— is becoming a new phenomenon in the world of crime, everywhere. The Valley, indeed, is not an exception. Kashmir’s Cyber Police Wing, according to the official sources, receives complaints about online frauds and scams on daily basis.

Since tracking down a criminal in the virtual world is not that easy, sometimes offenders succeed to get away. However, in some cases, they are caught. For instance, cyber police, last month, after receiving multiple complaints from online fraud victims, busted a gang of cyber fraudsters who were operating from Srinagar.

This organized gang, according to police was in league with the cybercriminals operating from UP, Bihar, and other states. They were out there to cheat, and defraud gullible citizens.

Although the investigation in the case is still going on, police have tracked down two persons, both residents of South Kashmir’s Kokernag, in the outskirts of the city, where they lived in a rented room. Police have recovered as many as 7 mobile phones, 13 SIM Cards, 47 ATM Debit/Credit cards, 36 FINO Bank account Kit books, 4 Cheque Books, 6 blank cheques, 7 Passbooks, and other documents from the arrestees.

Early this year, police busted fake call centers in Srinagar and arrested 23 persons, who used to dupe people by impersonating as…

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