The Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) has overturned more than 75% of decisions referred to it by consumers after banks refused to pay them back for losses to authorised push payment (APP) scams.

Through a voluntary reimbursement code, banks are instructed to reimburse victims of APP fraud, which occurs when criminals use fake websites and emails to trick consumers into authorising payments to them.

Figures from consumer rights organisation Which? show the FOS is receiving a growing number of complaints from consumers that they are not being reimbursed. In 2020 to 2021, complaints increased from 3,600 to 7,770.

Three-quarters of these complaints were supported by the Financial Ombudsman Service, resulting in the customer being reimbursed.

The bank with the highest proportion of decisions overturned was NatWest Group, which includes the Royal Bank of Scotland, where 86% of cases referred by unhappy customers were supported by the ombudsman.

Santander saw 82% of complaints about it supported by the Financial Ombudsman Service, while the Bank of Scotland got it wrong 81% of times, according the industry ombudsman.

It is not only traditional banks that are seeing their decisions reversed, with app-based bank Starling seeing the FOS disagreeing with 80% of cases referred to it, although this was based on a much smaller number of closed cases than other firms, according to Which?.

Over three-quarters (78%) of complaints against Lloyds Bank and 74% against Nationwide…

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