10 October, 2021, 01:35 pm

Last modified: 10 October, 2021, 01:43 pm

Illustration: TBS


Illustration: TBS

Wealth creation in a country should be a fair, long, and well thought out process. Before the arrival of wealth, high quality infrastructure and education, integrated plans to promote entrepreneurs, ensuring investment security, equal access to resources and financial incentives for all,  equal access to legitimate bank loans, training facilities, and other ‘Doing Business’ foundations need to be created. 

Intensive focus is needed to nurture talent, innovative business ideas and encourage entrepreneurship. This takes a lot of thought and foresight, lots of investment too. 

New assets are not created from net zero value; no one in the world is a billionaire from scratch. Every billionaire is an outcome of the collective intellectual, infrastructural and financial investment of the state and society.  

A decentralised capitalist system ensures equal access of the citizens to the infrastructure, services, and resources of the state. The basic premise of such a system is that the state system does not consciously create walls of discrimination between citizens or social-political groups. 

They try to listen to everyone and encourage everyone to make a business plan, initiate a start-up, and give them access to banking and other business or financial facilities…

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