Boston (AP) —The two wealthy parents who were first tried in a college entrance exam bribe scandal were coveted in a prestigious school where their children couldn’t secure themselves before the jury decided. Spent lies and money to steal. The man is guilty.

Gamal Abdellajis and John Wilson want to ensure that their children are enrolled in the school of their choice and agree to use fraud and bribes to designate them as athletic recruits. That’s what Federal Attorney Stephen Frank told the jury in closing arguments.

“These parents were willing to answer” no “and reach” yes “,” Frank said. “And by crossing that border, they broke the law.”

The case will go to the jury more than two years later FBI agents have arrested well-known parents, athletic coaches, and others across the country. With a scheme that includes incorrect test scores and fake athletic qualifications. About four dozen people have already pleaded guilty to this case.

Abdelaziz and Wilson are faced with crimes such as postal fraud and wire fraud, and honest service postal fraud and conspiracy to attempt wire fraud. The jury will begin deliberations on Thursday after the judge gives instructions.

A pair of lawyers portray the client as a victim of a fraudster. Rick Singer, an admissions consultant at the heart of the scheme, never took a position. Parents claimed to know nothing about bribes and false or decorated athletic qualifications, and made the singer believe that the singer…

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