Terrifying new way infuriating FluBot fraudsters are trying to steal your cash and it’s easier than EVER to fall for – here’s how to spot the dodgy messages

  • The latest version of the annoying text message scams is the sneakiest ever
  • It tells users they’ve been hacked and all their pictures have been uploaded
  • Clicking the link says phone is infected and you need to download an app to fix it 
  • The ‘fix’ is  actually malware which will hijack your secret logins and passwords

Crafty hackers have changed tactics yet again to make the annoying FluBot text scam even more dangerous for unwary users by claiming your pictures have now been stolen.

To add to the confusion, when worried users click on the latest link in the scam texts, it tells you your phone is already infected – and links to an app which claims to fix the problem.

But the ‘fix’ is actually a malware app which will steal your logins, passwords, bank account details and even all your contacts details.

Now Scamwatch – run by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission – has warned anyone getting the latest texts: ‘Delete them immediately.’ 

Crafty hackers have changed tactic yet again to make the annoying…

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