The New Zealand telecommunications sector is warning customers of a new scam text message alert that is showing up in large numbers in New Zealand.

Pretending to be an alert from a courier company, the text asks users to click on a link or download an app to get information about delivery of a parcel.

Telecommunications Forum chief executive Paul Brislen says the link is not genuine and indications are that customers may find their personal details at risk if they do click on the link. 

“The payload appears to resend the text via the users address book and also asks for bank information. Needless to say at a time when everyone is using courier delivery services, this has the potential to cause a lot of damage,” he says.

Customers who have already downloaded the app may need to restore their phone to basic factory settings in order to remove the malware and then change passwords to any apps you may have been logged in to at the time as a precaution.

“Anyone who receive the text message should just delete it,” Brislen says. “Infection only occurs if the user clicks on the link or installs the app.”

The TCF and the wider telco industry is working with the Department of Internal Affairs and CERT NZ to block the links to the malware. 

Researchers at NortonLifeLock have been tracking FluBot since it first began its spread across Europe in April 2021. 

The mobile malware infects and steals data from the phones of unsuspecting victims, which NortonLifeLock says…

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