Australians are being warned not to click on a new type of scam text after thousands have already been caught out.

The government has issued yet another warning about the Flubot text message scam sent to thousands of Australian phones after the people behind it once again changed tactics.

They’ve already tried to trick Android users into downloading a virus onto their phone in separate three ploys.

Now they’ve reverted back to their original tactic but with a slight twist.

The ‘Flubot’ scam first arrived on Australia’s shores on August 2, characterised by a text sent en masse from an Australian phone number that enticed users to click on a link that would then infect their Android device with malware.

Since the first report, thousands of Australians have had the malware texts sent to their phone. In the first eight weeks, 13,000 Australians made a formal complaint to the Scamwatch division of the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC).

The new warning, released on Wednesday morning, reads: “WARNING! We’ve seen some changes to the Flubot scam voicemail text message wording (image 1) and the screen that the message links to (image 2).

“Clicking on ‘Download voicemail app’ will download Flubot. Delete these messages and don’t click on links!”

Two pictures accompanied the warning.

The first shows a text message reading: “I want to send you a voice message on Zello! Tap to download”.

The second image reveals an app linked to internet service…

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