Need to know

  • Scammers sending texts about missed calls, voicemails or deliveries are now sending new fake messages that include company logos 
  • The ACCC had received over 16,000 reports of the Flubot scam as of early October 
  • $851 million was lost to scammers in 2020, but the tally will likely be worse in 2021

As of early October, the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission’s (ACCC) Scamwatch platform had received over 16,000 reports about text messages alerting people about missed calls, voicemails or deliveries.

The calls, voicemails, and deliveries, of course, do not exist and never did. 

It’s called the Flubot scam, named after the malicious software it aims to infect your phone with if you tap on the link that comes with the message. It began to show up in early August, and by now you’ve probably either received some variety of the scam message or know someone who has.

You can receive one of these malevolent messages whether you’ve got an iPhone or an Android phone (any phone that’s not an iPhone), but Android phones are the devices at most risk since they can download apps directly from the scam text. With an iPhone, you have to go to the app store to download and install files. (Opening the Flubot link on an iPhone can still damage your phone,…

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