Atlanta (AP) — Former Georgia Insurer Ultimately Responsible for $ 2.5 Million Scam on Tuesday, Despite accusing a federal judge of lying off the stand in a July trial Because of the acceptance, I will be in prison for more than 7 years.

Judge Mark Cohen of the US District Court sentenced Jim Beck to three months in prison and seven years in prison. This was less than the decade that federal prosecutors initially aimed for, but more than five years, as claimed by Beck’s lawyer, was sufficient.

Cohen also paid Beck $ 2.6 million in damages and ordered him to be released under surveillance for three years after leaving prison. Beck, 60, remains on bail and is likely to be reported to prison in December.

In July, a jury convicted Beck on 37 charges of wire fraud, postal fraud, money laundering and tax evasion. The claim stems from Beck’s plan to direct more than $ 2.5 million to his own bank account from the Georgia Underwriting Association through a series of companies. Beck managed a certified private insurance company as a last resort for years before the Republican Party was elected to the insurance committee.

Federal officials have begun investigating Beck as he was elected state-wide as Georgia’s Supreme Insurance Regulator in 2018 and prosecuted him weeks after the Republican Party took office in 2019. Of deliberation.

“I’m completely and completely responsible, and again, I accept the jury’s verdict,” Beck told Cohen on Tuesday before the judge…

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