Scots are being warned over fake coronavirus passport scam text messages and emails sent by fraudsters.

The Scottish Government launched the vaccine passport system last week as the NHS Covid Status app went live for people to download.

However, people are now being warned to stay vigilant over scammers sending bogus texts and emails inviting people to click links to fake Covid passports.

Trading Standards Scotland (TSS) has issued an alert over any messages that ask you to apply for a ‘Covid Pass’, a ‘Coronavirus Digital Passport’ or a ‘Covid Travel Certificate’.

It warned that the scam messages usually ask the recipient to click on a link leading to an online form which looks similar to the real NHS website – these bogus websites ask them to enter personal and financial details.

The Scottish Government launched the NHS Covid Status app

TSS said: “The links in these emails lead to copycat websites with NHS branding which ask you to enter your personal details and pay a small ‘admin fee’ to receive the passport.

“You will never be asked to pay to receive a copy of your vaccination status.

“You will not be invited to apply for a ‘Coronavirus digital passport’ or travel certificate via email or text.

“In Scotland, you can request a printed copy or download a PDF version of your vaccination status online by logging in to the NHS Scotland website using your…

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