(WXYZ) — With holiday shoppers encouraged to start early this year, the Better Business Bureau has released the 12 scams of Christmas that are most likely to catch people off guard this season.

According to the BBB, many of the scams are through social media and emails, and social media is where people are the most vulnerable.

Below you’ll find the 12 scams and tips to avoid them.

1. Misleading social media ads

The BBB said you might see an item for sale from a small business that may even claim to support a charity. Do your homework and research the company before ordering.

2. Social media gift exchanges

This scheme pops up every year, according to the BBB, and a newer version revolves around exchanging bottles of wine. Another suggests purchasing $10 gifts online and asks you to submit your email where someone else will pick your name and strangers will pay it forward. Read more about the social media gift exhange from the BBB.

3. Holiday apps

Keep an eye out on free apps that could contain malware and allow children to live chat with Santa, watch Santa feed live reindeer, track his sleigh or more. Review privacy policies to see what information can be collected.

4. Alerts about compromised accounts

The BBB said there’s a new scam going around claiming your Amazon, PayPal or Netflix bank account has been compromised. Watch out for the email, and make sure you always check the sender’s email.

5. Free gift cards

Watch out for bulk phishing emails that request personal information…

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