There has been a sharp rise in scam phone call and emails to Irish residents in recent weeks, with some recipients claiming they have been threatened during the call with arrest if they do not provide personal data.

The upsurge has prompted a range of State agencies to issue warnings about these calls and to advise people not to engage.

We asked Irish Times readers if they had received such calls and to share their experience of what happened in a bid to forewarn others who may receive such calls in future.

We received a very large volume of responses and our thanks to all who got in contact.

A selection of the responses is below, some of which have been edited for length or to avoid duplication.

Colm Finn
Fermoy, Co Cork
I regularly receive scam calls as my mobile and landline numbers are widely advertised as part of my business.

On the rare occasions when I have time, I like to play along and waste the scammers time. But recently a scammer took offense and tied up my main business phone line for 30 minutes by calling it over and over.

I propose a…

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