Max Daniels tried to purchase a limited edition of Fallout from sellers online and was scammed out of £100 by two seperate con artists. He shares his experience to raise awareness to fellow gamers

Max Daniels was scammed when trying to buy a special edition of Fallout

A gamer who was scammed twice has shared the “red flags” that saw him conned out of £100.

Max Daniels, 28, is issuing a warning to other people after he tried to purchase a limited edition version of Fallout from sellers online.

The game was no longer available to buy in physical shops or on eBay or Amazon – this meant Max had to turn to second-hand sellers online to try and complete his collection.

But after being lured in by a cheaper-than-elsewhere price, he ended up £100 down after falling victim to two seperate con artists.

The first time Max tried to purchase the limited edition Mini Nuke version of Fallout was in April 2017.

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He had agreed to pay the “seller” a deposit of roughly half the total price – around £60 – with the remaining amount to be paid in person.

Max arranged to meet the person in London to collect the game and pay the rest of the cash – but they didn’t show.

The same thing happened again in October 2017 when Max tried to purchase the same game from another scammer.

Max, who works in communications, sent slightly less money…

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