The Gardai and DHL have both issued warnings about a text scam that’s currently doing the rounds and looking to defraud people of their money.

In a post online, Gardai said: “Our Crime Prevention Officer received these two fraudulent texts and you may have too. Just be alert and do not follow links. Always pause think and double-check on official platforms if there are issues.”

The scam pertains to be from the DHL IT team and includes a link to a website that seeks to obtain people’s financial data.

The bogus text can be seen below and DHL has also urged people to be cautious when receiving a text like this.

The bogus text DHL and Gardai are warning people about

DHL has said: “There are currently fraudulent SMS messages in circulation claiming to be from DHL. These SMS are NOT from us! We do not ask for any data or to download apps via SMS. Please review important information updates on our website.”

The international courier, package delivery and express mail service has also shared some practical tips too, in the event that someone receives this bogus test.

In a post that was shared online, DHL said: “Warning fraudulent SMS messages are circulating currently claiming to be from DHL.

“The SMS directs receivers to a fraudulent website insisting the receiver download an app.

“These messages are not from us, do not download the app. DHL will never request the installation of apps via SMS, only via authorised app stores.”

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