A WOMAN IN Ireland who fell victim to a ‘romance scam’ after meeting a man on Tinder said she wants to highlight her experience to help prevent others from being conned in a similar manner. 

A number of months ago the woman – she asked us not to use her real name, so we’ll refer to her as Fiona – was using the dating app when she matched with a man and starting chatting to him.

“He was a good looking guy, he had a decent profile with a description about himself and we connected and started talking,” Fiona, who is in her 30s, told The Journal.

“It moved quickly enough to WhatsApp but that didn’t raise any red flags for me because people usually move to WhatsApp if the conversation is going well.”

She said at the time she matched with this man the app showed his location as being within 1km of where she was living in Dublin and he spoke with familiarity about the area.

His profile had stated he worked between London, Paris and Dublin. He explained to her that as he was often travelling for work he could not meet in person.

“He was nice, we were getting to know each other, asking each other questions and being totally normal, talking about work and our interests and life in general.”

Looking back, Fiona said, he was “quite keen” – but she said there was no reason to suspect any sinister reason for this.

“He spoke a little bit about his work, he didn’t go into a lot of detail, but as time went on he…

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