Gardai have warned the public about a new scam that could see you lose thousands within seconds.

Scam calls, texts and emails increased throughout the pandemic as fraudsters took advantage of people using more online services and working from home.

The latest scam involved a customer being notified of an unknown direct debit being made from their account in a bogus text that appeared to be from their bank.

The text was then followed up by a phone call from a male pretending to be from the fraud department of the supposed bank, asking the victim to supply him with their bank details.

As the scammer had used cloning software to make their number look as though it was from the bank, the victim believed it was genuine and handed over their details.

Ripping right past the password

A garda spokesperson said: “The online frauds are continuing.

“This week we had an unsuspecting victim receive a text message purporting to be from Bank of Ireland.

“This text stated that an unknown direct debit was added to the victim’s account.

“This was then followed up by a phone call from a male purporting to be from the bank’s fraud section displaying what appeared to be the correct number of the bank.

“The victim unwittingly thought this to be a genuine call and provided his bank details when asked, and a large sum of money was then removed from the account.


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