No law enforcement officer will ask anyone to pay a fee with gift cards.

Greenwood County Sheriff’s Office Sgt. Jeff Graham said he’s had an influx of calls about scammers using law enforcement officers’ names to try and get money from people.

“Somebody called me and said ‘You just called my aunt and said you’d come lock her up if she didn’t send you gift cards,'” Graham said. “If you hear the words ‘gift card’ as a senior citizen, that should be a red flag.”

As far as law enforcement can tell, many of these scam calls are coming from international callers, Graham said. But they can often mask their numbers and make it look like they are calling from a local area code.

“The method changes, but it’s always the same thing,” said Greenwood Police Department Public Information Officer Jonathan Link. “One day it’s Social Security, the next it’s jury duty.”

These callers will come up with various scenarios — there’s a warrant for your arrest, a relative of yours needs bail money, you missed jury duty and have to pay a fee. In the end, they often ask for the same thing: Payment via gift cards.

“They try to make gift cards seem like a legitimate currency,” Graham said. “They take any way to make you feel vulnerable and make you act right now.”

Some reports of scam calls have said the caller put a deadline on the person they called, essentially giving…

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