One in three Australians have had a password hacked and one in four have been taken by a phishing scam according to new research from Google that shows almost 60 per cent of Australians are not trying to improve their online security.

Google Australia says 42 per cent of adults take deliberate steps to improve their online security while one in 10 rarely do so and a further 8 per cent don’t take any steps at all.

And it’s younger Australians (18-34) who are more likely than older Australians aged 50+ to say they have not taken deliberate steps to improve their online security.

The biggest shock from this research was the large number of Australians who have become victims online at 34 per cent of adults – that’s the equivalent of 6.6 million people who have had a password hacked or compromised.

One in four Australians (26 per cent ) – the equivalent of 5.2 million people – have been deceived with a phishing scam with the cyber criminals stealing personal or sensitive information.

Security and sharing of high risk passwords was also revealed as a problem after it was found that 14 per cent of Australians have shared a password with a family member or friend and a further 6 per cent have texted or emailed a password to someone.

Surprisingly, one in five (17 per cent) of those who use the same passwords for all their accounts have admitted to texting or emailing that password to someone.

Only 30 per cent of Australian adults said they have a different…

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