There are plenty of ways hackers try to steal your banking information and personal data. Spam or phishing emails are incredibly effective, and so are personalized malicious text messages.

Hackers have also been found to create fake apps that look strikingly like the real thing. Once you install it, your mobile phone will be infected with malware. But taking that one step further, a group of hackers is now trying to convince you that your phone is already infected.

In April, a malware variant called FluBot spread through a package delivery scam but has recently been found to switch tactics. Here’s what you need to know and how to stay safe.

Here’s the backstory

FluBot malware is spread through text messages and aims to get you to click on a malicious link. If you received such a message, it doesn’t mean that your device is infected. Only that you have been targeted. Tap or click here for details on earlier attacks.

The messages come in different varieties with a link of some kind. These include:

  • A package that needs to be delivered
  • Missed delivery of a package
  • Someone is trying to share an album with you
  • You received a voicemail
  • Your mobile phone is infected with malware  

The last message is the craftiest because if you click the link, that is exactly what will happen. Depending on which message you…

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