Ms Fatimatu Abubakar — Deputy Minister of Information

The government has cautioned the public, especially the youth, to be wary of the activities of QNET, a company that claims to offer jobs in some African countries.

A Deputy Minister of Information, Ms Fatimatu Abubakar, told a news conference in Accra yesterday that victims of QNET ended up as hostages in Cote d’Ivoire, Togo, Mali and other countries under deplorable conditions.

“Victims are lured into lucrative non-existing jobs but end up entrapped in the operations of a network marketing company, QNET.

“Upon arrival in these countries, the victims are stripped off their valuables, held hostage under squalid conditions and forced to commit to QNET services by signing a contract under duress. The only way for victims to gain their freedom is to be compelled to lure others into the business,” she said.


Ms Abubakar revealed that the government had to rescue three Ghanaian youths from a QNET facility in Mali after a report was lodged with the Ghanaian Mission in Bamako.

“Checks have revealed that some Ghanaians are caught up in several QNET facilities across Mali. Consequently, the Ghanaian Mission in Bamako is liaising with the law enforcement agencies in Mali to rescue Ghanaians forcibly engaged in QNET activities in Mali,” she said.

She said nationals of some other African countries had also been caught up in the said scam by…

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