Acting Prime Minister Santia Bradshaw is assuring citizens that the public purse has not been compromised in the ongoing lawsuit featuring Radical Investments Ltd (RIL). 

Addressing the nation on a live telecast from Ilaro Court, Bradshaw sought to qualm public concerns that have risen as claims of vaccine fraud came to light.  

Despite the fact that the vaccines were being sourced for the Ministry of Health, government had not committed any funds to date.

“I want to make it abundantly clear that no tax payer resources have actually been expended and directly given to the company for the particular sourcing of these vaccines. 

“Radical Investments did not receive a single cent from us and are therefore not expecting a refund from the Barbados Government. The clear understanding at all times was that once the items were sourced and they arrived in Barbados that the appropriate payments would be made to the company,” she stressed.  

Last week Friday, September 17, Radical Investments Ltd, owned by Barbadian businessman Mark Maloney filed a civil suit in the Southern District of Florida courts, against Good Vibrations Entertainment LLC et al.  

According to the case file, RIL was allegedly deceived by Good Vibrations and ousted of over $20 million which was used to purchase vaccines on behalf of the Barbados Government.  

The Acting Prime Minister confirmed that the Government of Barbados as well as other countries throughout the region assigned the…

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