ST. GABRIEL – There’s growing concern over FEMA fraud after Hurricane Ida.

Wednesday, 2 On Your Side told you about a FEMA claim filed with someone’s name and address, but the wrong phone number. That person never filed a claim and reported it as fraud when FEMA went to her house looking for more information. Since that story, WBRZ has received a few reports of similar incidents.

The problem is with people who don’t know their information is being used to file wrongful claims on their behalf. Thursday, 2 On Your Side asked FEMA if there’s a way to look up your information to see if a claim has been filed in your name. There isn’t, and FEMA doesn’t recommend people call to check.

Phil Doiron lives in St. Gabriel and says earlier this week a Vanguard Inspector Services, a FEMA subcontractor, knocked on his door to review his storm damage in response to a filed claim.

“He had all of his credentials and he asked if he could look at my damage I had on my claim,” Doiron said.

Except Doiron never filed a disaster claim with FEMA.

“Right away he said my identity had been stolen, and he said someone made a claim in my name,” Doiron said.

The representative who knocked on Doiron’s door said FEMA had all of his information, including his social security number. He was told to contact FEMA’s fraud hotline and report it.

Doiron says he’s been having trouble getting through to the fraud line but did reach someone at the regular FEMA number who confirmed they had all his information…

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