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Fraud suspect Arnold Breitkreutz has been allowed to withdraw his guilty plea in connection with a multimillion-dollar mortgage fraud scheme.

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But the Crown on Friday put Breitkreutz on notice that admissions he made in connection with his March guilty plea could be tendered as evidence in his trial.

Prosecutor Brian Holtby told Justice Nancy Dilts the Crown was conceding Breitkreutz’s guilty plea to fraud in connection with dealings of his company, Base Financial Inc., was based on misinformation.

Holtby said Breitkreutz, 74, was unaware his plea would bar him from appealing his case based on pre-trial rulings made by Dilts admitting certain evidence.

“In our opinion, there is no doubt that Mr. Breitkreutz’s plea of guilty was not properly informed,” Holtby said.

But the prosecutor also noted that Dilts’ pre-trial rulings would be binding on a future trial, his March admissions could be used against him and his former corporate secretary, Susan Way , could be called to give evidence.

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“I want to be very clear to Mr. Breitkreutz on the record that the Crown’s position at the new trial will be that … the admissions signed by Mr. Breitkreutz are admissible in evidence as a confession,” Holtby said.

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