As the depositors of Guru Raghavendra Bank continue to struggle to get back their hard-earned money, protests have broken out outside Bengaluru’s Vidhan Soudha. During the protest, one of the depositors of Guru Raghavendra Bank said that the bank depositor’s silence is the banking system’s license to loot. “Unless we raise our voice and resist their attempts, make them pay for it, this won’t stop,” the protestor added. 

Bengaluru: Guru Raghavendra Bank depositors stage protest

One of the bank depositors said, “Today was a demonstration of this fact. Many senior citizens braved police constraints not a scratch happened to anybody. I really feel very proud of those Senior citizens who volunteered for Vidhan Soudha Chalo. These people are a source of inspiration for us to work even harder. So stop giving reasons and come on the street if you want your hard-earned money.”

Guru Raghavendra Bank depositors protest ‘scam

Earlier on June 30, the Guru Raghavendra Bank depositors had staged a protest outside the bank in Bengaluru. The depositors of the bank demanded that their money which was deposited in the bank should be returned with due interest.

As the depositors were narrating their ordeals, it is important to mention that so far over 29 people have succumbed while struggling to get their money back. These depositors had also said that 2 years have passed but they have not received their money. 

Earlier on June 25, some depositors, who have been suffering…

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