POLICE have issued a warning to residents after they attended 14 reports across Hampshire relating to PayPal issues resulting in losses of over £3,800.

Hampshire Police said a new service (159) has been developed and is currently being piloted by a range of banks and telephone companies across the UK in order to combat the increasing levels of fraud in the UK.

On one occasion, a Hampshire resident received a call from an individual purporting to be from Carphone Warehouse, encouraging them to enter into a new contract for a brand-new phone and tablet device.

When the victim received wrong items, they arranged to return them to an address provided by the fraudster on two different occasions, until they grew suspicious.

As they contacted Carphone Warehouse to alert them to the fact they had returned the device, the company had no knowledge of any such request but did confirm that a new contract had been set up in their name.

However, the victim was charged approximately £245 in the process.

Police also advised people to be careful while transferring money to strangers via PayPal.

Hampshire residents lost over £3,800 in just two weeks (September 23 to October 5) in 14 reports relating to PayPal issues.

A spokesperson for Hampshire Constabulary said: “If you are purchasing items from someone unknown to you and they request payment via PayPal, then please be aware that there is an option to select ‘paying for goods or services’.

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