Heatcore Heater Review

Very cold temperature is not just bad for our health but also can be grossly discomforting and hard to deal with. The body mechanisms may play its part in regulating the body temperature but that may not just be enough in extreme cold weather. Heater technology has been so much of a life-saver in this regard yet there were still concerns about energy efficiency, which is where space heaters came in to help, and even for more efficiency, convenience and safety is the latest ceramics fan space heater.

Heatcore is a revolutionary product employing ceramics convection heating technology. Reading this heatcore review can help you understand how this product works and most likely enable you to make an informed decision.


The Heatcore is another unique product from the makers of the revolutionary Blaux portable AC. Heatcore is an energy-efficient ceramics space heater. This device, in addition to the beautiful features of a ceramics convection- heater technology has additional great features like the antimicrobial filter which helps in infection control as much as it is eco-friendly.

The HeatCore is one of the first personal heaters to bring customizable heating options to each individual’s liking and preference right out of the box. The “plug and play”, “press and go” functionality of the mobile Blaux HeatCore unit leverages safe and…

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