Don’t get scammed. Watch out for these red flags and protect yourself. (iStock)

It’s an unfortunate reality that most people will interact with at least one scammer when they’re filing financial paperwork for different types of loans, like student loans or a home loan. If you’re looking for a personal loan to help cover expenses, this type of scam can be particularly painful.

While there are an abundance of personal loan scam companies, there are plenty of reputable personal loan companies that are willing and able to help you get the funds you need. You’ll need to watch out for some red flags when you’re searching for a loan.


Taking a little extra time to research potential lenders and brush up on loan scam warning signs could save you a lot of heartache. You can explore your personal loan options safely by visiting Credible to compare rates and lenders.

How to verify a personal loan company

During your search for a personal loan company, there are a few things you can do to check if the loan company is legitimate.

1. Read the website carefully: Make sure the lender is registered to offer loans in your state. Double-check for spelling errors and awkward grammar. While many scam websites are getting better about looking legitimate, it’s often easy to spot a scam site by paying close attention to syntax.

2. Search for reviews of the company: Look for reviews on Google and assess the company’s online…

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