Nev Schulman, the co-host of MTV’s “Catfish” series, has good reason to be wary of scammers.

As a 13-year-old, he was conned by some hucksters on the streets of New York City when he tried to purchase a computer.

“I thought I was buying an off-the-truck Apple laptop from some guy on the street that turned out to be a shrink-wrapped box full of rocks,” he told The Post.

Then, in his 20s, he was tricked into falling in love with a woman who didn’t actually exist — an experience that led to the documentary “Catfish” and his MTV series of the same name.

After such experiences, the father of three is always on alert. Recently, he worried that he had fallen victim to an elaborate scheme after he wired some money to an agency he was working with to find a nanny.

“I had been dealing with this lady, and she’d been sending me applications for potential people, and I had even done a Zoom call interview with one of these potential nannies — and in that moment I thought, ‘Oh my God, could this be a scam?’” he said.

In the end, it was a legit transaction, but the experience made Schulman realize that, “You really have to take a break, take a deep breath — double, triple, quadruple check everything, even though it can be annoying and inconvenient. Because when the money’s gone, that’s it.”

Now, in a new campaign with the digital payment service Zelle, he’s taking to TikTok for the next month…

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