These are getting a little old.

Is it just me, or are most of your correspondences nothing but a bunch of spam. Most of the time when my phone rings, it’s a fake number claiming my factory warranty is about to expire. Other times, it’s a text message from a random number asking me for $50. And then there are the emails about fake Amazon deliveries.

They’re all the same. They smell fishy and they are fishy. They give you just enough vague information to make you feel like it’s legit, but all they want is to steal you money and your information.

With all the technology out there, you would think we could put an end to this, but I digress.

Beware of this email containing a fake court summons.

Let’s break down why this is a total scam.

1. This is not how the court system works

If you’ve ever been summoned for jury duty, you know that the court does not send you an email. They send you a very official looking letter that’s been stamped with a special raised seal in the mail. You panic for a second and then realize it’s just jury duty and then you get annoyed. You’re not going to receive an email and you’re certainly not going to get an email from an address like “”

2. They didn’t use my name in the email

This is a pretty safe way to sniff out a phishing email. If the sender doesn’t use your name directly, there’s a good chance they either don’t know it or they are sending out generic mass phishing emails. Another way you can tell it’s fake is if…

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