HMRC may send out letters to Britons in regards to certain tax procedures such as Self Assessment reclaims and corporation tax reliefs. The Government confirmed today it will be working with a research agency to produce a study on online tax accounts and guidance has been updated to help customers avoid being scammed.

Independent research ― understanding business customers’ use of their online tax account

HMRC explained: “From October 2021 up to and including March 2022, HMRC will work with independent research agency, IFF Research to carry out a study with business customers. This study is to better understand your experiences of using your online tax account.

“You may receive a letter from IFF Research and HMRC inviting you to take part in this study. Taking part is voluntary but we encourage you to do so. This will improve services and customer experience.

“If you do take part, your answers will be confidential and any information you give will be used for research purposes only. If you need more information, contact details for both IFF Research and HMRC will be on the letter.

“These letters will not ask you for any financial information.”

Tackling fraud and scammers has become a priority for the Government recently as it emerged fraud levels rose during the pandemic. In an effort to protect Britons going forward, The Home Secretary Priti Patel announced the relaunch of the Joint Fraud Taskforce in late October.

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