One scam in particular is seeing a 500% increase this year, and experts believe it will get even worse heading into the holidays.

MINNEAPOLIS — The holiday shopping season is here, and while stores will be busy, so will scammers.

“We will definitely see an increase,” cybersecurity expert Mark Lanterman says.

Lanterman and his company Computer Forensic Services deal with scams and cybercrimes year-round, but the holidays are a very busy time for scams, especially this year.

Here are two to watch out for:

“They typically send either a text message or an email that claims to be from UPS, FedEx or the United States Postal Service. It says ‘Hey, we’ve attempted to deliver this package to you, there’s a problem,’” Lanterman says.

And that problem, they claim, could be that they don’t have enough personal information, or the correct address to deliver your package.

They might also claim that they didn’t receive enough money to cover the shipping costs and they need a little extra.

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