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Lisa and Thomas own a cabin in New Meadows they sometimes list on Vrbo as a vacation rental. 

But recently, the couple found out a scammer used their cabin to dupe another unsuspecting victim.

According to the couple, a man saw a listing on Craigslist. He paid $3,500 to someone, believing he was renting the cabin on a long-term lease. He moved out of his old place, thinking he had a new cabin to rent.

Then… Lisa and Thomas spotted him on their doorbell cam.

“I saw where this guy had parked way down our driveway, and he had on sunglasses and one of the surgical masks we wear now for COVID,” Lisa said. “And I’m watching him move all around our property looking in I could hear him moving stuff looking for keys.”

After trying and failing to get inside, he left.  But the next day, he returned. 

Lisa and Thomas — who asked us to keep their last names private for safety reasons — again watched on the remote security camera. The man returned to the house to look for what he thought was the key to his new rental. Not knowing what was happening, the couple called the police, afraid someone was trying to break in.

Two parties scammed

It turns out, both Lisa and Thomas – and the man they saw on the cameras – were victims of a scam. Someone took their listing, complete with photos and details from rental site Vrbo, and copied it over to Craiglist with an unbelievable deal.

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