The holiday shopping rush is officially on and the turkey hasn’t even thawed yet in the fridge for Thanksgiving.

We’re just two weeks away before Black Friday and many big stores, like Macy’s and Walmart, are already flooding us with many after-Thanksgiving deals online.

From the looks of things, many people are already stocking up.

On a quick trip to Target late one Saturday night in early November, I spotted a shopper who had loaded up her cart with a massive box containing an artificial Christmas tree, a giant wheel of outside lights and other holiday trinkets.

Yep, just a week after Halloween, and even more shoppers milled about the holiday section at the back of the store that night, picking up ornaments and other decorations.

What’s the rush, one might wonder? It’s twofold: Many people want to bring the holidays back with a vengeance after the pathetic, scaled-down celebrations of 2020. At the same time, we’ve got all those scary warnings of supply chain havoc and potential shipping delays.

Shoppers scared of shortages and delays buy early

Retailers, of course, are playing into the fears of shortages and delays. Macy’s website, for example, leads with the tagline in early November: “Get holiday gifts on time!”

Many consumers seem ready to pivot and deal as best they can with whatever comes their way, based on TransUnion’s newly released 2021 Consumer Holiday Shopping Report.

“Overall, what we found is that consumers plan to spend more, shop earlier…

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