Not only that but in a complete U-turn of events she and her husband are now on track to retire with a comfortable pension pot to boot thanks to some clever investments.

In an exclusive interview with, the 59-year-old admits that she hasn’t always been good with money.

Although Maria Nedeva has a good job as a university professor she says she was “ignorant and irresponsible” when it came to her family’s finances. This led to her discovering they were £100,000 worth of debt despite having well paid jobs.

When her husband dropped the bombshell that they were in so much trouble, she felt like her world was falling apart.

“It felt like I had been dropped on a very high and steep mountain peak and was looking down,” she explains. “I just couldn’t see a way out of our financial mess.”

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Maria has written a book called Never Bet on Red and runs an award winning investing blog called The Money Principle.

She has some great tips for others hoping to follow in her footsteps including:

  • Work on overcoming your negative feelings about your debt and yourself. Negativity is exhausting and all you do feels like a slog when you are in negative frame of mind.
  • Question consumerism. Even if you are not made to be a minimalist or an essentialist, to pay off your debt you must stop over-consuming.

It certainly worked for her, helping her to get to the crux of the problem, work on her mindset and…

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