October is Cyber Security Awareness Month. It’s a chance to pause and consider if you’re doing enough to keep yourself and your data safe online.

NBC Connecticut’s Dan Corcoran talked with Dave Bykowski, manager of security of compliance at Glastonbury-based IT company Kelser Corporation, about how you can be aware of cyber security scams.

Dan: So we hear about scams or attempted scams all the time. Someone’s sending you an email from a strange account by now, most of us know not to click on that, but scammers also know we won’t click on it. So how are their tactics becoming more sophisticated?

Dave: Yeah, thanks, Dan, it’s been really interesting to see how professional scammers, really criminal outlets and enterprises, are working to improve their English. What’s been known for a long time is that you could look oftentimes for broken English in emails and automatically suspect that it was some sort of scam or phishing attempt as the term is. And now, those enterprises are actually investing in English in terms of proofreading and content revision, to deliver better crafted emails to have a better chance of tricking people into looking at them and following the instructions in them.

Dan: So they’re getting better at English. Wow. So who is most at risk of falling for a cyber scam?

Dave: Really, it could be just about anybody, the more attention that you pay to detail, the better off that you’re going to be in terms of protecting yourself, your…

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