What makes you vulnerable to a schemer? Your personal beliefs can become part of the fraudsters’ playbook as they try to separate you from your money.

SAN ANTONIO, Texas — New research from the Federal Trade Commission found fraud has a disproportionately negative impact on communities of color. Yet, losing money to a fraudster may be caused more by how you think about the world than by the color of your skin.

AAPR recently released a study showing how often people of color lose money to schemers.

“Nineteen to 20 percent have lost money due to scams,” said Shani Hosten, vice president for African American/Black audience strategy for AARP. “Also, we found that over 60 percent, which is even more troubling, have been repeat victims… So (they) lost money more than once. So these are alarming. We really just want to make sure we’re getting out to the community so people can protect themselves.”

A Federal Trade Commission (FTC) study shows part of the problem is the method people of color use to pay. They more often used debit cards, cash, cryptocurrency and money orders… payment methods that have fewer fraud protections.

New information from the

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