Could you be falsely accused of causing damage to your next vacation rental — and be forced to pay for it?

Colleen McKenna is sure that the answer to that question is “yes.” She just returned from what she thought was a peaceful and uneventful stay in a rented condo in Hawaii. But the property manager says she and her husband caused significant damage to the vacation rental during a domestic disturbance. As a result, he charged her credit card for cleanup and repairs — several days after the couple’s departure.

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McKenna says she has absolutely no idea what this man is talking about and believes it’s a scam. Now she’s asking the Elliott Advocacy team to investigate.

Can we find out what’s going on here?

This case is yet another reminder that travelers must always stay on alert. From smoking fees charged to nonsmokers to damage accusations from hotel and vacation rental owners, dangers lurk everywhere for unsuspecting consumers. Here’s McKenna’s disturbing tale and tips that travelers can use to protect themselves from being blindsided by similar charges.

Renting a condo in Kauai for a relaxing getaway

Last July, McKenna and her husband booked a…

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