A CRYPTOCURRENCY trader has revealed a $2,000 investment swelled to $1million, allowing him to buy his dream home.

Terrance J Leonard said his initial outlay came after a colleague explained the ins and outs of cryptocurrency to him over lunch – and within two years he’s turned that investment into a life-changing sum.


Terrance J Leonard initially invested $2,000Credit: Instagram/@_terrance.j
He has now been able to buy his dream home


He has now been able to buy his dream homeCredit: Instagram/@_terrance.j

The former Navy officer, who now works as a software engineer and lives in Washington D.C, admitted that at first he thought cryptocurrency markets were the “Wild West”.

But he told Newsweek: “Soon, I began to see the value of the coins I had bought going up.”

Leonard explained that in March 2020 “there were a series of days where I was refreshing the app that I use to track my investments and I was seeing the value of my coins skyrocket”.

He described it as “super exciting and stressful”, but in April this year his investments hit $1million

It was then that he was able to buy the house of his dreams by selling $50,000 of his cryptocurrency as a down payment on the $650,000 property.

He described the house as a four-bedroom, three-bathroom split colonial property in southeast Washington D.C with a garage, great back yard and plenty of room for his dog.

“Being able to get this house is huge,” he said.

“As soon as I saw it, I wanted to put an offer in. Investing in cryptocurrency has…

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