A LONELYHEART Bitcoin investor has revealed how he lost $60,000 in a cruel “pig butchering” dating website scam.

He is one of thousands who have fallen victim to the massive global crypto fraud – which began in China and has recently spread to the US and Europe.


Tech-savvy singletons are falling victim to a new crypto scam called ‘pig butchering’

It sees professional con artists linked to Chinese mafia spend months building victims’ trust before pushing them to invest in bogus get-rich-quick schemes.

The fraud is known as sha zhu pan – or “pig butchering” – in a sick reference to how the target is said to be “fattened up” ready for slaughter.

And unlike traditional romance scams – which typically target middle-aged divorcees – it focuses on tech-savvy young professionals with an interest in cryptocurrencies.

One 22-year-old victim poured his heart out in a recent Reddit post to warn others how the scam works.

The unnamed singleton, who said he earns $10,000 a month and lives in the US, said: “You always think something like this could never happen to you.

“I’ve never fallen victim to a scam, they usually feel obvious. But I’ve fallen victim to one and I’m broken.

“I’m only posting this to hopefully save somebody else, and also to get these thoughts off my chest.”

He made contact with the scammer in August on HelloTalk, an app that matches people who want to improve their language skills.

Posing as an attractive young Chinese woman living in Canada, she quickly…

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