Kim Moo-yul [CJ ENM]

An unknown caller identifies himself as a friend of your husband’s who is a lawyer. 
He informs you that you must urgently come up with 70 million won ($59,500) to settle an accident that your husband caused at his place of work.  
You call your husband but he is unavailable so you decide to transfer the money to the account of the mysterious caller. 
It turns out to be a voice phishing scam, and after you realize your money is gone, the caller tauntingly calls you again to tell you that the money will be put to good use.  
In the crime action film “On the Line,” released on Sept. 15, one of the victims of this particular scam uses his exceptional sleuthing skills from his days as a police detective to infiltrate into the center of a massive crime ring in China.  
Han Seo-joon (played by actor Byun Yo-han), plays the victim turned vigilante who attempts to recover 3 billion won worth of stolen money. It turns that not only his wife, but all of his co-workers at a construction site lost their money in the same voice phishing scam.  
While Seo-joon’s heroism is admirable, it’s actor Kim Moo-yul who portrays Kwak, the villainous mastermind behind the crime ring, that will captivate audiences. Kwak is at the center of the massive criminal web…

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