Whether you’ve entered the wrong password one too many times or have forgotten your login credentials, it’s always frustrating to discover you’re locked out of one of your accounts. While you may be eager to get back into your accounts as quickly as possible, in some cases, doing so may mean you’re putting your personal information at risk. A new scam is targeting Apple customers and may land sensitive financial information in the wrong hands. Read on to discover how to spot the scam and what to do if you think you’ve been targeted.

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Lovemoney reports that a new scam is targeting Apple customers. The grift begins when you receive a text claiming that your Apple Pay account has been suspended. The text contains a link that appears to direct the user to a page on what appears to be a legitimate Apple website.

Once there, the user is asked to provide login information, including their username and password, to confirm their account.

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Once you’ve provided your username and password, you will likely be asked to provide additional personal details.

These often include your birth date, address, and full name—and in many cases, bank account or credit card information. If you provide these details on…

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