So what exactly is Animoca, this company that has positioned Yat Siu in the middle of the global NFT gaming world, estimated to reach $US179.6 billion by 2025?

Originally, a game software company, Animoca has morphed into a backer of some of the online world’s hottest properties. It’s centred on gaming – worlds, currencies and digital tokens or collectibles, usually called NFTs.

‘This is the future’

Siu seems to have picked what was around the corner: he co-founded Animoca as a gaming app group and it now has more than 100 investments.

Among its more successful investments are stakes in The Sandbox and its token SAND, Decentraland and Dapper Labs, the founder of CryptoKitties – a popular blockchain game centred on collecting cute creatures.

It also owns shares in AxieInfinity, the first site to conduct more than $US1 billion in NFT transactions in which the owners take a cut every time a creature is created or changes hands. Animoca’s holdings don’t end there: it also has a clutch of NFT collectibles for brands such as Bratz, FC Bayern Munich and DeltaTime Formula 1.

Right now, it’s the range of holdings – stakes that were acquired when this sector was in its even earlier stages and cash-strapped – that makes the group so valuable.

As at November 3, metaverse tokens including The Sandbox’s SAND, REVV and GAMEE were alone worth more than $US12.2 billion, the company says, although the value of the holdings can swing wildly. In less than a month, the SAND…

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