BURLINGTON, N.C. (WTVD) — What started as a call about a fraudulent charge on a bank card ended with $20,000 gone from Burlington woman’s bank account.

Amanda, who asked us not to use her last name, said she got an automated call from USAA about a $1,500 fraud charge.

“If you did not authorize this charge press one. Of course, I’m shocked, concerned. I press one. I’m on hold, the USAA hold music. I get transferred to somebody who said he’s a fraud officer. I gave him my pin for my account to verify me. He asked my name–my member number,” Amanda recalled.

She was then told they would send her a new bank card, but first needed to change the pin to her account.

“He sends me a one-time code to verify my identity,” Amanda said. But that text message from USAA came with a warning that made Amanda leery.

“(The text) says you will never call and ask for this code,” Amanda told the guy on the phone. “He says, ‘But ma’am, I didn’t call you and ask for the code, I’m on the phone with you.'”

Convinced, she gave him the code and went about her life. Then, not long after, she gets a notification from her bank saying that $20,000 had been wired out of her account.

She calls USAA and learns that man she just talked to is a scammer.

“He’s like ma’am that had to be a fraudster, we never spoke to you. We never called you about any of that,” Amanda said.

Now, Amanda is out $20,000 and the scammer was not done. He changed her password to her bank and email accounts. He even changed the emergency…

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