A top rule for money management is investing your money to multiply it, and one of the safest investments is in real estate. Also, as you know, the United Arab Emirates is a money multiplier in every sense. So, it is only natural that it will reward you with good returns on investment in its real estate.

Let us first take a brief look into the background of realty in the U.A.E. After a 4-year bout of decline, the real estate market of the U.A.E. started to see recovery from 2019 onwards. The U.A.E.’s third most populated city, Sharjah, has efficiently overcome the pandemic-led diminution of the real estate market and witnessed a strong bounce-back from the second half of 2020, driven by robust pent-up demand. 

Moreover, proximity to Dubai and the large variety of restaurants, museums, theatres, and educational institutions in Sharjah make it an attractive city to live in.

Sharjah is situated very close to Dubai. However, living in Sharjah is much cheaper than living in Dubai. Expatistan says that it is 28% cheaper to live in Sharjah than that in Dubai, and up to 50% of monthly housing expenses can be saved by living in Sharjah instead of Dubai.

However, one cannot be a professional in all walks. So it is always a good idea to leave certain things at the hands of dedicated experts. Realtors are the bridges between buyers and sellers for a reason. 

So, for those looking to invest in Sharjah, the safest bet is to hire the services of a realtor who can…

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